Bisha Net turn of Damovenv to WordPress

Bisha Net turn of Damovenv to WordPress  

Bisha Net management decided to change the user Damovenv program in Aalmouka and use Aluwrdberas program and have had what she wanted to see us where the information technology implementation project with precision where the contents were transferred to Word Press design and implementation of a new Style by Bryce see us.

And design a new logo for the Bisha Net modern colors and run a number of important advantages, such as users through Facebook and Twitter and membership Google Plus and other benefits available automatically in Theme see us.

Theme as well as mobile visitors observers of the site design of intelligent devices through Android system or your ios devices Apple.

Won the new development on the management admiration and visitors Bisha Net and thankfully was a new beginning for the site, wish management find us” to Bisha Net every success for the performance of media message.

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